sumptuous, scenic and sereneMy Top 10 Bali, IndonesiaAn inside look at housingDaegu Off-post Apartment GuideBali High20 Things You Will Learn in Bali, Indonesia5 Great Bars for a beerCraft Beer Scene in DaeguMy Top 8Bangkok, ThailandEasy, Hard & Flat out CrazyThree Hikes in DaeguMy Top 10 TenHanoi VietnamReflecting on theGolden PavilionThe View From the TopClimbing the Great Wall of China in BeijingBucket List TravelSiem Reap Cambodia

sumptuous, scenic and serene

My Top 10 Bali, Indonesia

Temples, great food, monkeys and more

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An inside look at housing

Daegu Off-post Apartment Guide

Pictures, Amenities and services and personal opinions of my apartment hunt in South Korea

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Bali High

20 Things You Will Learn in Bali, Indonesia

There's more than beaches, mountains and jungles in Bali. There's also great food, shopping and then there's nothing at all.

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5 Great Bars for a beer

Craft Beer Scene in Daegu

The 5 Best Bars for a good Beer in Daegu

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My Top 8

Bangkok, Thailand

You can't do it all, but if you do these 8 things, you'll have a great time in Bangkok

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Easy, Hard & Flat out Crazy

Three Hikes in Daegu

The area is surrounded by mountains and is the only way to see some of the popular temples and historic monuments.

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My Top 10 Ten

Hanoi Vietnam

Exploring Vietnam-- its people, food, history and culture.

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Reflecting on the

Golden Pavilion

Land of a Thousand Temples: Kyoto Japan

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The View From the Top

Climbing the Great Wall of China in Beijing

And other experiences in the city of Beijing

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Bucket List Travel

Siem Reap Cambodia

My Top 10 Siem Reap Cambodia: Temples and Everything Else

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