sumptuous, scenic and sereneMy Top 10 Bali, IndonesiaAn inside look at housingDaegu Off-post Apartment GuideBali High20 Things You Will Learn in Bali, Indonesia5 Great Bars for a beerCraft Beer Scene in DaeguMy Top 8Bangkok, ThailandEasy, Hard & Flat out CrazyThree Hikes in DaeguDate Night in DaeguNajimu80 Bar &GrilleHanging out with the ladies of the DIWACheongdo ArabangTake THAT Bucket ListClimbing the Great Wall of China in BeijingTaking Advantage of a Long LayoverLong Layover in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

sumptuous, scenic and serene

My Top 10 Bali, Indonesia

Temples, great food, monkeys and more

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An inside look at housing

Daegu Off-post Apartment Guide

Pictures, Amenities and services and personal opinions of my apartment hunt in South Korea

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Bali High

20 Things You Will Learn in Bali, Indonesia

There's more than beaches, mountains and jungles in Bali. There's also great food, shopping and then there's nothing at all.

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5 Great Bars for a beer

Craft Beer Scene in Daegu

The 5 Best Bars for a good Beer in Daegu

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My Top 8

Bangkok, Thailand

You can't do it all, but if you do these 8 things, you'll have a great time in Bangkok

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Easy, Hard & Flat out Crazy

Three Hikes in Daegu

The area is surrounded by mountains and is the only way to see some of the popular temples and historic monuments.

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Date Night in Daegu

Najimu80 Bar &Grille

An intimate setting in downtown Daegu for two

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Hanging out with the ladies of the DIWA

Cheongdo Arabang

A rainy day sharing sandwiches, an extensive tea menu and reminiscing over the many memories & friendships made over the last year with the ladies of the Daegu International Women's Assoc.

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Take THAT Bucket List

Climbing the Great Wall of China in Beijing

And other experiences in the city of Beijing

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Taking Advantage of a Long Layover

Long Layover in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Monkey see, monkey do. Just hold on tight to your food, camera and wallets...

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